Other Activities
Your riding lessons are the only parts of your day that are scheduled in for you.  The rest of the
time is set aside for you to pick activities that you are interested in, whether at the barn or at
other areas of camp.  See below for a sample daily schedule.  
7:15        Wake Up
7:45        Breakfast
8:15        Announcements
8:20        Morning Kapers
9:00        Choice of Activity
10:00      Riding Lesson
11:00      Coice of Activity
12:00      Lunch

1:00        Rest Period/Free Swim
3:00        Choice of Activity
4:00        Riding Lesson
5:00        Choice of Activity
6:00        Dinner
7:30        Night Program
8:30        Cabin Time/
        Ready for Bed
9:45        Lights Out
At Arts and Crafts there is a different project to do
every day.
 You might be making friendship bracelets, tie
dye shirts, or souvenir t-shirts. Or you can just do your own
thing.  You might even take a little time to write a letter home!
offered at the waterfront each afternoon. Free swim is directed
by red cross certified lifeguards.  You can enjoy swimming or just
relax on the dock.  There are some fun toys to play with like the
rolling log!  During this time you can take out your own kayak, or
take out a paddleboat with a friend. Or, you can try your hand at
Archery is always taught by a certified instructor, and
there are certain range commands that you’ll need to
follow in order to keep it safe.  Some campers like to
do archery every day, and others just try it once or twice.
Other activities that you might have a choice of, could be
volleyball,mini-farm, parachute games, tennis, basketball,  stilts
acting games.  During our three week sessions, each cabin
produces and acts in their own
movie which we show on movie night.  
info@sjridingcamp.com  ∙  860-872-4742  ∙  130 Sandy Beach Road, Ellington CT 06029
Rope Spinning
Sample Daily Schedule
Info About Our
Accreditations &
Mini -  Farm
Each evening the entire camp gathers for our Night Program.  Sometimes
we have a campfire or a field game. Other nights we might enjoy skits
created by cabin groups, karaoke, or a scavenger hunt.
Each session there are no two nights the same!