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Summer Camp Staff Information

Do you enjoy the outdoors?  Do you like working with children?
Are you interested in learning new things?  
Do you want valuable experience in teaching, leadership, and working with a team?   
Are you interested gaining communication and people skills that will help you in any career?
Then SJ is the place for you!

Positions Available:
Riding Counselor
Sports Counselor
Archery Counselor
Kitchen and General Counselor
Arts and Crafts Counselor
Waterfront Director
Lifeguard and General Counselor
General Program Counselor
Program Director

    We hire up to 20 staff every summer. Our camp is unusual in that we have up to 48 girls per
    week so staff have both cabin counseling and program responsibilities. As a cabin counselor,
    staff are role models, best friends, entertainers, inspirations, big sisters, and parents to their
    cabin group.
    Program responsibilities include teaching and managing in a specific program area such
    as arts & crafts, sports, or riding.  We look for staff who love working with children and are
    creative, fun, and patient.  We also look for staff with excellent teaching skills, and strong
    skills in at least program area.  

    Because of our small size, we can create a position specially designed for individuals
    with a variety of interests or talents.  For instance, someone might work in the arts & crafts
    program for a short time each day, then take a group on a nature hike, teach sign language,
    or juggling, and then help with gardening, cleaning, or office work.  This variety allows staff
    the opportunity to try new things, develop skills in a variety of areas, and to enjoy working with
    a diverse group of campers and other staff. Never a dull moment at SJ!
You should know...
•  Dates of employment include six days of pre-camp training.
•  Some pre-season online training required.
•  Dates for the 201
8 season are June 17 to August 25.
•  All positions are live-in.
•  You will have one 24-hour day and one night off a week, plus time off each day to relax.
•  Once we receive your completed application, we will contact you to discuss salary,
answer any questions you may have, and to discuss the possibility of an
in-person interview.
For more information call Julie Morton or Alexandra "Alex" Thomas
at 860-872-4742. Or, e-mail to info@sjridingcamp.com
To apply, print the
2018 Staff Application and mail to
130 Sandy Beach Rd, Ellington, CT 06029
2005 Staff Including Founder Mary E Haines, at age 91!
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