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Tuition & Medical Insurance Program:
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for information  on tuition cancellation and
medical insurance plans.  (Some coverages
are time-sensitive)
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Info About Our
Accreditations &
Refund Policy:
  • The registration fee is $150 per week and is applied
    toward tuition.  
  • It is refundable prior to March 1, less a $60 (per
    session) office fee.  
  • *$150/week deposit not refundable after March 1

Cancellation Policy:
Cancel by 8 weeks prior to your camp session, receive a
full refund, less the $150/week deposit.
Cancel by 7 weeks prior to your camp session, receive a
85% refund, less the $150/week deposit.
Cancel 6 weeks prior to your session start, receive a 70%
refund, less the $150/week deposit.

Tuition is not refunded if cancelled within 6 weeks of the
start of your camp session.

There is no refund for leaving early from camp, except if
the camper is excused by the camp physician, and in this
case the camp shares the loss equally with the family.  No
refunds will be made in the case of homesickness, if the
camper is dismissed for violating camp safety policies or
other camp rules, or in the case of a positive covid
Information on Concussions:
While participating in recreation and other activities at
camp, concussions may result from a fall or from
campers colliding with each other, the ground, or with
obstacles, such as a jump. While the potential for
concussions is greatest in athletic environments
where falls are common, they can occur in any sport
or recreational activity, as well as outside of sports.

Visiting and Phone Policy:
You are welcome to call at any time to see how your
daughter is doing but these calls would be limited to
conversations with the directors and/or counselors.  
Visits to campers are only allowed between sessions.  
Visits to campers are only allowed between sessions.  
You are welcome to call at any time to see how your
daughter is doing but these calls would be limited to
conversations with the directors and/or counselors.  
Through experience, we have found that visits or calls
tend to cause homesickness or make homesickness
worse.  Letters, of course, are greatly appreciated by
the campers, and we hope you write often.  We
appreciate your cooperation in these matters.
- Information on Concussions
- Refund and Phone Policies            
-Tuition Insurance Program
- SJ Privacy Policy
Confirmation of Registration:
We will send you a confirmation indicating your camper’s acceptance at SJ. Please be sure to
accept all emails from CampDoc.com. You will be asked to complete all medical information online,
using our CampDoc.com system.
Tuition Balances:
The balance of the camp tuition is due by March 1, 2021. The preferred method is by mailed check.
A credit card option is available for an additional 3% fee. By March 1 we will send a statement
indicating the balance due and detailing the payment options, with instructions. For information
about extra riding opportunities and setting up your camper's spending money AKA "Canteen
Account," please see our
Family Handbook
Each camper must have a physical examination within 12 months of camp attendance.  

Our first-time camper families will receive additional information to help prepare for camp.  
We recommend that, if possible, you plan to visit us before your child’s attendance at camp and
that your camper request a "Big Sister," aka pen pal, who will help her learn even more about camp!
To Register by Mail:

For Overnight Riding or Farm Camp, download using Adobe Reader, complete, and print:                
Riding & Farm Resident Camp Registration Form

Mail completed registration form with a check for $150/week deposit. The balance of your camper's
tuition is due by March 15. Financial assistance and payment plans available.

Please be sure to provide a parent's email address on the registration form.

To Register Online:

1. Please click through to our online registration and health record keeping system,  CampDoc.com*:       
* (If you receive a response that indicates wait list only, please continue to register as wait listed
 and we will contact you to discuss options.
 If this happens
do not pay the deposit thank you.)

2. Mail a check for $150 per week, OR return here to pay the deposit online.         
Please Read:
Returned checks incur a $30 fee
SJ Privacy Policy
"I can truthfully say
that SJ has played a
central role in shaping
who I am today; it has
and taught me lessons
that I know I will take
with me for years to
I am so grateful for the
safe and welcoming
environment that you
have created and I am
lucky to have been
able to be a part of it
for seven consecutive
~SJ Camper
Registration is now open to new as well as returning campers.
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