Riding Instructor Internship
SJ Riding
  • Obtain Instructor Certification
  • Nine weeks of teaching beginners through
    advanced (up t 24 lessons per week)
  • Hunt seat, Dressage, eventing and X-country
  • Opportunities for lessons and riding and training
  • Herd management, horse health management,
    barn management and instructor staff
    management opportunities
    Preparation for an instructor certification clinic, participation in a 5 day (June 11-18) CHA
    instructor certification clinic, 6 days (June 20-26) of staff training, and 9 weeks (June 27 - August
    28) of working at camp as a riding instructor and camp counselor. Some online pre-camp
    classes also required.
    You will start with 2-3 days preparing for the CHA Instructor Certification Clinic.  CHA is a
    national organization devoted to maintaining a safe and knowledgeable standard of riding
    instruction.  Thus, certification requires a thorough working knowledge of horsemanship and
    safety. Preparation for this clinic is aimed at allowing you to get acclimated to our facility and
    horses, do exercises to improve voice projection and develop your eye for critiquing
    equitation and horsemanship.  This training will help you to perform your best during the clinic
    and achieve the highest level certification possible for you.
You will take workshops on herd management, teaching techniques, professionalism and be    
evaluated on a written exam, a riding evaluation, and four lessons you will prepare and teach.
During these lessons you will be evaluated based on your group control, explanations of riding  
skills, corrections of position and technique, safety, and ability to communicate effectively.
You will receive valuable feedback after each lesson which you can use to develop
a solid teaching foundation.
CHA certification is a valuable resource for you beyond the SJ experience. (See their website for
more details www.cha-ahse.org)
CHA Clinic @ SJ Flyer            CHA @ SJ Application
    The 5 day certification clinic will be followed by 6 days of camp staff training, building
    teamwork skills, learning counseling skills, and instructing skills.  You will also have more
    practice instructing groups, and will be taught more about lesson development, and
    managing our barn and lesson program.  Each instructor is an integral part of running a
    safe, successful lesson program and during this training you will learn how to be an
    effective part of our team and any team you join in the future.
    During the summer you will be asked to teach 3-4 group riding lessons a day, prepare
    and teach stable management classes, and supervise campers during horse care
    sessions.  You will collaborate with the other instructors during a daily meeting during
    which people will exchange ideas for teaching and discuss any horse or people-related
    problems that arise.
    You will also be asked to be a cabin counselor for a group of girls.  This requires you to
    act as a role model for girls at the barn and around camp, help them with interpersonal
    relationships, group living skills and independence (in many cases it will be their first
    time away from home).  The girls are 8-16 years old and will have varying degrees of
    horse knowledge, riding skill, and commitment to horses.  
SJ Staff Application
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Sample Daily Schedule